I spontaneously playfully appear in MySelf as infinite universes, dimensions, beings, objects and their relations, but I Am Empty, Undivided, Unmoving, Anonymous, Luminous Presence; Blissful Awareness in Love with MySelf.

If Awareness-Presence-Emptiness could speak it would say: "I have no need to reject or attract 'anything', thus I remain in Bliss-Tranquility. Since 'everything' is made of Me and appears and dissapears in Me, thus self-liberating in Me, there is no need o modify anything.

The very effort to find HAPPINESS, LOVE, PEACE, BLISS; is the obstruction to IT. ABIDE IN between thoughts and you remember that you are already THAT.

The Limitless, Openess and Vastness that You Are does not need to develop that or to 'create' that with spiritual practice. Only 'See' that by ceasing the identification with throughts and becoming Aware; just 'rest' in That Self Lumninous "Whereness."

It seems that YOU ARE somewhere behind the eyes, but YOU ARE the EVERYWHERE and the NOWHERE - the EVER BLISSFUL and ETERNAL HERE and NOW.

'Every-thing' and 'every-one' are spontanesouly interconnected and transparent: playful unobstructed apparitions like a magical dance of the Luminous Presence in the Stillness of Emptiness.