May 9, 2021 Update

With the blessings of my Guru ji Swami Paramarthananda, today was the high point🥰 of our trip to Sringeri. The Jagadgurus blessed our Vision and the successor Jagadguru Sri Sri Vidhushekhara Bharati Mahaswamiji (to the current Jagadguru Shankaracharya Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji), gave me initiation on the steps of the ancient temple : Sri Vidyashankara temple (1342 AD) at Sringeri!!!🕉🥰 🙌 This was quite incredible because the assistant of the Jagadgurus had intimated to us that there was no hope of this happening.

He basically said that you have to have attended Sringeri several times to receive this initiation, and even like this it is not sure that you can be accepted by the Jagadgurus, so it was a great honour when the Jagadguru agreed to my request. 🥰🙏 To my amazement, he also revealed that I would be eligible to pass the initiation onto other serious students from now on!!! 🙏🥰
A double blessing!!! 🙏🥰 I am blessed!!! 🌹🥰

Afterwards, we met again with Dr. Gowrishankar who showered us with gifts. His hospitality has been great throughout our trip!

Dr. Gowrishankar also gave us our new name, which is : “SRINGERI ADVAITHA ASHRAMA, EUROPE”. It is a great honour to be given this name, [Sringeri] that has been synonymous with the highest forms of Indian spirituality for over 1,200 years and also for us to be the first branch of Sringeri in Europe, in history!!! 🥰

When we get back, the work will begin in earnest. We have the name, the use of their beautiful logo, the blessings, their permission to teach, many free books for our library; our website is nearly finished and we will soon officially become a non-profit organisation, which will enable us to raise funds through donations. Now, we have the Sringeri name, raising money will be much easier.

Over the last two weeks we have been treated as honoured guests, we were given free food and accommodation, numerous gifts [mostly books], we had a free pass to the temple grounds, we were allowed to join in with the [severely curtailed] spiritual program and we were invited to meet the Jagadgurus – a great honour!

In summary, our trip was a great success and in the coming months we hope that high-up somewhere in the hills and mountains of Corith a new spiritual oasis will emerge offering the profound teachings of Advaita Vedanta through the Sringeri Guru Parampara for the first time ever on European shores…

All are welcome to help our noble project in any way they can.


I AM Blessed to announce the willingness of the Sringeri Jagadgurus (through the President of the Sringeri foundation by Mr Gowrishankar) to offer us full support and guidance for the establishment of a European AFFILIATED ASHRAM in Europe: “H H has directed me to convey His benign blessings to you. Be rest assured of all our help and support in the cause of propagation of our culture and wisdom.” Now, the only thing we need is a benefactor to donate a piece of land or funds in Europe!!! Please let me know if you wish to support us in our Noble Vision for Europe!