Ashram in Greece

Namaste! Please support by any means our Noble Project for a European-Advaita Vedanta-Sringeri-Affiliated Ashram in Greece. We have already started!

This is our blessed first step:

“Sri Gurubyonamaha Namaste,
Please take this as a formal invitation for you to visit us at Sringeri, Karntaka, India.

We would like to support the cause of starting an Ashram with Meditation hall and Residential housing and other amenities in Greece. During your stay here, We shall have meetings and discussions about the development of our International Ashram project.

As requested by you, accommodation shall be arranged for three persons from 25th April 2021 to 9th May 2021.”

Thanking You With regards,

O/o The Administrator
Sri Sri Jagadguru Shankaracharya Mahasamsthanam
Dakshinamnaya Sri Sharada Peetham,